Monday, October 25, 2010

More Flowers and Mini

I'm working on making more flowers and been working on my first mini paper bag album. The album is coming along nicely but I feel I am moving slowly on it. I am hoping to get good enough to be able to join in on a mini swap eventually. I will pose some pictures in the next few days of the flowers and what I've done on the mini. Until then have a super awesome wonderful week.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pictures of Flowers and Stick Pins for Lyla's Swaps

Here are the pictures of the flowers and stick pins I made for Lyla's from Life on the {Scrap } Beach flower and pin swaps. I had a lot of fin making the stick pins. The tags for the pins I thought of just as I finished the pins. So I ended up staying up all night working on the tags because I couldn't get the idea of these tags out of my mind.
The flowers where a bit of a pain. The grungy looking one was pretty fun to do but the one with the dragonfly was a pain in the rump.
I had cut the flowers with the cricut and then I used distressing ink on both side of the flower. I then sprayed with my Whispers of Glimmer. I then waited for them to dry. They dried but where so soft and felt damp and they would not keep a curl I new I was in trouble. I decided to coat them with mod podge to see if it wood help. It did help so I was able to finish them up and them packed all the pins and the flowers and shipped them out on the 21.
I have the weekend now to work on my mini paper bag album. Hopefully I can get a few pages done on it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Post

This is my first post. I have another blog but I am going to phase that one out. I am going to be showing my work here and having freebies at times. I sure hope I can keep up with it.
 I keep track of some of you scrapbookers out there and you ladies amaze me with how you can keep up with so many things. You do scrap swaps and You Tube and have your own web sites and Face Book and Blogger and the list gos on and on. You ladies are my heroes. It shows that woman can do it all. Men can to but woman are starting to get the credit they deserve.
 I want to learn how to change my background and put a better back ground template on here. That's why I didn't get into blogging on my other blogger page. I tried and tried to figure out how to put a custom background but got frustrated with it and gave up. After working on it for days.
Be back with some pictures of what I just finished tomorrow.