Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pictures of Flowers and Stick Pins for Lyla's Swaps

Here are the pictures of the flowers and stick pins I made for Lyla's from Life on the {Scrap } Beach flower and pin swaps. I had a lot of fin making the stick pins. The tags for the pins I thought of just as I finished the pins. So I ended up staying up all night working on the tags because I couldn't get the idea of these tags out of my mind.
The flowers where a bit of a pain. The grungy looking one was pretty fun to do but the one with the dragonfly was a pain in the rump.
I had cut the flowers with the cricut and then I used distressing ink on both side of the flower. I then sprayed with my Whispers of Glimmer. I then waited for them to dry. They dried but where so soft and felt damp and they would not keep a curl I new I was in trouble. I decided to coat them with mod podge to see if it wood help. It did help so I was able to finish them up and them packed all the pins and the flowers and shipped them out on the 21.
I have the weekend now to work on my mini paper bag album. Hopefully I can get a few pages done on it.

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