Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Swap Items In And Making New Stuff

I got 3 swaps in today. One was from JoAnn's dangle charm swap from Life On The Scrap Beach. Go check this site out its awesome. ( http://thescrapbeach.ning.com/ ) Be careful though the swaps can get addicting.
There where 2 groups of 10 people. I was in group 2 and we make 10 identical dangle charms and send them to the host JoAnn and she then sorts them all out into our own envelopes and returns 10 different charms that all the other people made. It is so much fun to do and very inspiring to see all the talent of these ladies.Here is the video.

Now here is the second package I got today.
These are the stick pins from Lyla's stick pin swap at guess where? ( Life On The Scrap Beach ) Go Check It Out. You'll be glad you did.
Lyla has been hosting this stick pin swap every month and it's so much fun. She won't be hosting this swap again until next year because she has to have back surgery. I will be praying everyday for you my friend. You are a wonderful person and I pray you make a safe and speedy recovery.

The last package I got today is from the 6x6 paper and goodies swap hosted by Mely
at ummm guess!!!! Yep  ( Life On The Scrap Beach ) Go Go Go Check it out. http://thescrapbeach.ning.com/
Mely host this swap every month. She's such a sweet person. In this swap you send your partner that picked by the host an envelope with card stalk paper and patterned paper and fibers, ribbon, lace, bling, we all love that bling. and a hand full of other goodies. You also will send a card and a hand made tag and a small treat.
Loads of awesome fun. I have got papers that I never seen before and wonderful embellishment's from great laddies.
This swap my partner is Angela C. from the beach.

 I will be back with previews of the tags I'm making for the October tag swap hosted by Mely G. from the beach.
Have a wonderful day.

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