Friday, December 10, 2010

I've Been Working On Twilight Tags

I've been doing Twilight tags for a swap hosted by Jorden From Life on the Scrap Beach. Go check out here blog and you tube.
 I am doing Both Edward and Jacob. This has been some of my favorite tags Ive done.
  I have been late getting these tags done because we have had quite a few mishaps in my family and with our home life.
 Right after Thanksgiving I had to take my husband to the doctors because he was not feeling well. My husband never feels bad so I was pretty worried.
Turns out he has a old injury that was causing him a lot of pain in his back and side. He thought when he heeled from this injury that it would never bother him again. Well; He was wrong about that one.
 Then I got sick and had to go to my doctor.  I kept getting dizzy when ever I would get up and I started falling over and almost passing out. Turned out the blood pressure pills they had me on was causing my blood pressure to go way to low.
Then our car broke down and then my computer broke down.
Boy when it rains it pours buckets.
Now that things have calm down I have been able to get caught up on a few things and I'm starting to get things back to normal.
I have a few pictures of the tags I've been working on

I think I like these tags . I hope the ladies in my group like them.
Well I will be posting again in a few days. I think the Jacob ones will be done then.
Have a wonderful everyday.

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  1. Wonderful tags,hope ur post them on my site,think everyone will love love them!